Late for Your  Court Date?

Or have you missed your court date entirely? Breathe deeply and understand that you can probably fix the problem.  

What to Do

  1. Call your lawyer, and your bondsman. Tell them that you were not in court when you were supposed to be.
  2. Understand that there is probably a warrant out for your arrest for failing to appear in court. Your ultimate goal is to get the warrant quashed (or cancelled) by the judge who issued it.
  3. Call the courtroom where you missed court, give them your name and case number, and give them your phone number. Tell them that you want to surrender, that you were late for court, and you want to appear immediately.
  4. If the court gives you a time to appear to hear your request to quash the warrant, then be there early.
  5. When the judge calls your case, give him a short, truthful explanation as to why you didn’t appear. (Do not make up or embellish a reason as to why you were late.  The truth is so refreshing for a judge, because they hear a lot of dumb, complicated excuses.)
  6. If the court cancels the warrant, and lets you back out, buy a new alarm clock, and a day planner so that you can know the day and time of your next court appearance. 

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