In Colorado, Three DUI Strikes and You’re Out with a Felony

There are fifty ways to leave your lover, according to the old Paul Simon song. In Colorado, there are almost as many ways to get enhanced punishment — meaning extra time in jail, higher fines and related penalties — for either high-blood alcohol levels, prior convictions for DUI/DWAI, or both.

Enhanced DUI Punishments in Colorado

Here in Colorado, the legislature is always looking for ways to increase the way we punish DUI offenders. We have enhanced punishments for:

  • Multiple offenders
  • People who drive with high-blood alcohol levels
  • People who drive with licenses suspended for high-blood alcohol level.

We have so many enhanced DUI punishments in Colorado because:

  • We need them
  • Legislators get ego strokes from sponsoring and passing such laws.

Punishing Sick People Isn’t the Answer

People who drive drunk are, for the most part, alcoholics, and alcoholism is a disease, and simply punishing people with a disease is just not the right and kind thing to do. When the legislature advances punishment over treatment, then the problem of alcoholism in those who drive does not get any better. Colorado’s state legislature is blind to this, and it is drunk on its own power to punish sick people. Too often legislators want to make their “name” putting sick people in jail at the expense of treatment and rehabilitation. (Look at our state legislature’s excitement over passing a “three DUI strikes and you get charged with a felony” law: House Bill 13-1214.)

It looks like we will have to change that old Paul Simon song to “There Must be One Hundred Ways to Punish DUI Offenders.”

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