Jury trials and basketball games have similarities

Why are jury trials and picking a bracket of winning college basketball teams in the NCAA basketball tournament similar?

Courtrooms and Basketball Courts

They both involve a number of variables such as a judge, jurors and lawyers. Each of the latter three can have different moods, prejudices and talents just like a group of players on a college basketball team. For example:

  • The participants in trials and basketball games may have an ax to grind because they didn’t live up to expectations in their last encounter
  • College basketball players are influenced by their coaches just as trial lawyers are influenced by their superiors
  • Law office policy mirrors coaching guidance to a great degree
  • In both fields, the players (or lawyers) want to win. After all, there is a strong motivation to win or go home. (Of course, the loser in a criminal case doesn’t always get to go home.)

Selecting a Lawyer Who’s a Winner

Whether you are involved in a basketball game or a trial, select a lawyer (or coach) who has a track record of fighting hard and wanting to win. Colorado criminal defense attorney Shaun Kaufman is a lawyer who prides himself on doing what it takes to win in court.

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