Taking a DNA Saliva Sample

Don Pabon (my state representative) is now promoting a bill that would have DNA collected from anyone who is convicted of a class one misdemeanor in the state of Colorado.

What Kind of Crimes Are Class One Misdemeanors?

Everything from concert bootlegging to assault to misuse of a credit card. What does the state get from this? State legislators want to increase the size of the database of DNA samples held by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

On its face, this collection smacks of “more government, more surveillance,” which I have great disdain for.  However…

DNA Exonerates Innocent People

DNA is a neutral thing, and it exonerates innocent people in incredibly significant ways, just as much as it ensnares guilty people. In the end, this process is just something that is new, and although it feels creepy, it really can help those charged with serious crimes.

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