Colorado Prosecution of Marijuana Offenders Stymied by Lack of Legislative Guidance

Colorado recreational marijuana will be in place in less than eight months. There is so little being done to make laws that would foster a new green economy. In fact, the lawmaking looks to be a mess.

Colorado Legislature: Can It Plan for the Future?

The problem with “legalized” marijuana laws is that the Colorado legislature is at the forefront of the lawmaking process in our state. Our legislature has never shown itself to be able to plan in a forward fashion. For example, legislation involving Colorado prison inmates resulted in prison overcrowding and a serious ongoing financial drain on the state.

No Marijuana-Infused Liquor in Colorado

Recently, the rulemakers and lawmakers have decided that distillers and pot growers shouldn’t be allowed to manufacture liquor infused with marijuana. This in a state where the small distillery business is thriving, and the pot business is about to do the same. News flash: sometimes a little creativity goes a long way in rebuillding the Colorado economy.

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