Pot Breathalyzer to Be Used by Police in the Field

Drivers Can Now Be Tested for Drug Use

Swedish researchers have developed a portable breathalyzer that detects marijuana, cocaine, opiates and other drugs. Police will be able to use it in the field (read: out on the streets) for anyone that they have pulled over for bad driving who they suspect is high on drugs. The Swedish research institute that has developed this device believes that they can assist law enforcement officers with their battle against “drugged drivers.”

How Does the Pot Breathalyzer Work?

Here’s how it works:

  1. The suspect (driver) blows into a small capture unit.
  2. The breath sample from the capture unit is then tested under a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometry machine.
  3. The machine breaks down chemical contents of a sample to its smallest component GC/MS, from which the machine develops a “molecular fingerprint.”
  4. The breath sample is run through the GC/MS machine to see what chemicals are in that sample. If marijuana or cocaine is present, then the lab can confirm driving while high. 

What this tells us is that the police and research scientists are constantly making it hard on those who commit crimes, with new tests and procedures used to catch the offender.

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