Drones: Big Brother Is Watching?

The New Term: Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Craft

The use of unmanned aerial surveillance craft, or UAS (that is what the proponents of drones want to call them now that the name has a negative connotation) is exploding in both private and public sectors. A lot of people challenge the use of UAS systems to watch both public and privately owned land.

Are Drones Invasion of Privacy?

Using a UAS to fly over public or private land is not (legally) considered an invasion of privacy so long as there is no intrusion into areas that are secluded or otherwise out of the public view.  For example, it is not a privacy violation to fly a UAS over a National Forest area when officials are looking for a downed private plane. However, it would be a privacy violation to fly a UAS next to someone’s window and take photographs of personal activities, for example.

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