If I’m guilty, can a defense lawyer still help me?


You Still Have Options

Even if you know you are guilty, there are still alternatives. For example, a prosecutor might be open to a plea bargain where you plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a lighter sentence.

While you might be tempted to negotiate for yourself, keep in mind that negotiating requires a comprehensive knowledge of the law and expertise in the practical realities. Criminal defense lawyers know what constitutes a good deal, and they also know how to protect your constitutional rights.

Below are several ways a qualified defense lawyer can help you in this negotiating process.

Maintaining Your Eligibility to Have Your Record Sealed

If you plead guilty to a crime in Colorado, you may have the resulting conviction on your record permanently, making it difficult to obtain employment, housing and enter into contracts with the government.  A criminal defense lawyer’s help may result in a plea disposition that allows you to seal your record after you complete your probation.

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