Below is an excerpt from Colleen Collins’s nonfiction book, Secrets of a Real-Life Female Private Eye.  This

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excerpt is a compilation of links to private investigator blogs, periodicals and websites that are helpful for those interested in cold case research, background and legal investigations, true crime and other topics.

List of P.I. Blogs, Periodicals and Websites

Defrosting Cold Cases: A blog by Alice de Sturler to explore why some homicide cases remain unsolved. Through blogging and innovative use of existing technology, she has been able to get those cases renewed media attention.  Excellent resource for articles, interviews, news and cold case investigations.

Diligentia Group: Run by private investigator Brian Willingham, CFE, who specializes in due diligence, background and legal investigations.  He writes informative articles about the art and business of private investigations.

Handcuffed to the Ocean: One of our favorite real-life private investigators, also a fiction writer, is Steven Kerry Brown who is one of the writers for this blog. To read Steve’s blogs, click on the “Crime” category. Also check out his nonfiction book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Private Investigating. news: News and articles about private investigations. Authored by Tamara Thompson, a highly respected California private investigator known for her expertise in Internet data gathering, genealogical and adoption research, witness background development and locating people.

Professional Investigator Magazine: Owned by the P.I. team Jimmie and Rosemarie Mesis, two nationally recognized private investigators, this magazine offers articles, resources and products for professional private investigators. In both print and digital, subscribers can order only one magazine or a full subscription. Also check out their investigative products site PIGEAR and their books on investigations at

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“Overall it’s well-written with lots of funny and detailed stories, and very well-organized, with a great table of contents and linked subchapter articles. The resources in the appendix are detailed as well. Great guide, and ultimately very inspiring.”
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