Deer Trail Colorado Wants to Sell $25 Drone-Hunting Licenses

The town of Deer Trail, Colorado (population 546) wants to sell licenses to its residents that will entitle the holder to a bounty if they shoot down any federal drones in the airspace around Deer Trail.

This is a textbook example of how American citizens have asserted their rights to be left alone by the federal government.

The Ongoing Tension Between Federal Versus State Rights

This is also a prime example of two basic ways of looking at the role of the federal government (in such matters as the ability to use drones to watch people) as it relates to powers reserved to the state. This is in direct contrast to rights claimed by the federal government to keep a watch on what goes on in the states and if necessary, meddle in those activities.  The tension between these ideas has gone on since our country was founded.

To Be Or Not to Be Ruled by the Federal Government

In essence, there have been, and are, two schools of thought with regard to the ability of the federal government to force itself on the people (such as those instances where drones fly over private residences).

One School of Thought: States Rights Model

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