Recently in Denver, a drunk driver turned in front of a scooter, hitting the scooter driver and killing him. The driver of the vehicle was arrested, still drunk, several hours later, not far from where the crash took place.

A few weeks ago in Denver, a 53-year-old woman on a scooter was killed in a chain-reaction crash.

What Can We Learn from These Tragedies?  

Most accidents involving scooters occur at intersections. Unfortunately, truck, SUV and auto drivers don’t look carefully for motorcycles, bicycles or scooters — this is true whether it is nighttime or daytime.

Other factors that contribute to scooter accidents are:

  • Rider inexperience
  • Excessive speed
  • Alcohol.

Safety Tips for Riding Scooters

What to Wear

  • A helmet. A good helmet reduces wind noise, minimizes wind-borne debris in your face/eyes, and helps prevent temperature extremes from becoming uncomfortable.
  • Proper eye protection.  This includes  an approved shield on your helmet, a pair of goggles or shatterproof glasses.
  • Jackets and pants made from sturdy materials. For example, denim, nylon in its various guises, and leather.
  • Gloves. Always wear gloves, even during the hotter months.  They will help you manage the controls on your scooter, and if you should fall, they’ll protect your hands from abrasion. Also cars and trucks ahead of you may kick up stones that can hit your fingers.

Attach reflective tape on your clothes.  Or wear brightly colored clothes. The easier it is for other drivers to see you, the less likely that they’ll run into you.

Use turn signals when you change lanes or turn. Remember that you look smaller on a scooter, so make sure to give yourself extra room before you turn, and make sure you signal well in advance of any turn.

Practice extra caution when driving at night or in the rain.

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