Many women enjoy having their nails done, sometimes in wild tones with decorations. However, they should go to a nail salon that maintains sanitary conditions, and which uses proper techniques — otherwise, a nail-salon patron can end up with mold or other type of infection. Getting rid of such health conditions can be expensive and difficult.

How Can You Check the Quality of a Nail Salon?

There is nothing like speaking with friends and patrons of the salon. Here in Colorado, you can also go online to the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), and search its licensed database for a specific manicurist to see if he/she has had any disciplinary action by following the below steps:

Click Lookup a Colorado Licensed Professional or Business

Select BARBER/COSMETOLOGY: Manicurist (MAN) in the License Type(s) list

Enter the requested information

Press the Search button

Lacquer-Loving Lawyer: A Nail Polish Blog

In case you think we’re always too-serious here at Shaun Kaufman Law, sometimes we find fun things, too, we like to share…such as this blog by a Florida lawyer who enjoys journaling about her manicures and nail polish adventures. Click on the link below to read her stories and see pictures of her manicures, including a recent one that shows a polish that’s green and blue with halos of glitter.

Lacquer-Loving Lawyer: A Nail Polish Blog

Colorado Negligence Attorney Shaun Kaufman

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