There’s apps for all kinds of things these days, including a variety of DUI apps–some free, some for a nominal charge–that find sober rides home, locate DUI checkpoint and promote DUI defense. I’ve listed a few in alphabetical order.

Drive Sober Apps: Free

To promote safety on the roads, some states offer apps to aid those who have been drinking find a sober ride home. Here’s a few:

Kentucky: The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety offers Drive Sober Kentucky app that includes finding a ride, reporting drunk drivers and a blood alcohol estimator.

Wisconsin: The Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation offers a Drive Sober app that offers features similar to Kentucky’s.

Wyoming: The Wyoming Governor’s Council on impaired driving offers its app, Drive Sober Wyoming, which includes features similar to Kentucky’s and Wisconsin’s, as well as a Find a Taxi option.

Mr. Checkpoint: Free

It appears Mr. Checkpoint is available in California only. As its name implies, it provides locations of DUI checkpoints based on the app user’s region. There is also an option on its website to sign up for email alerts that list DUI checkpoints every Friday, Saturday and on holidays.

Oh Crap App: Free

Gotta love the name of this app, and its motto: Shut up, Wise up and Lawyer up.

Apparently DUI lawyers in Iowa first created the Oh Crap App to educate the public about their rights while being investigated for drunk driving, and I’ll also add that the Notify On-Call Attorney is a handy way to drum up business. There is also a Notify a Bail Bondsman function.

I have to wonder if someone who’s been drinking has the wherewithal to read and use this app, but that’s probably why there’s a big red “emergency” button labelled Oh Crap. The advice given to app users is to press this button when pulled over by law enforcement (this starts a 15-minute audio recording that a lawyer may later use).

The Oh Crap App is currently available for Iowa, Kansas and Wisconsin attorneys.

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