Below are the most-read articles in 2014 here at Shaun Kaufman Law. Thank you to my readers for your ongoing support, and here’s to everyone’s success, good health and happiness in 2015!

Top 8 Articles

Readers’ favorite type of article this year were on subjects involving the police. Throughout the year, the most popular article each week vacillated between my tips for what to wear to court and how to not be a cop magnet while driving.

Failing to use a turn signal is one reason police pull over vehicles

#8: Neighbors Gone Bad: How to Prevent Legal Disputes

#7: Sentencing: Tips for Preparing a Mitigation Package

#6: What Happens When the Police Shoot a Citizen

#5: Do It Yourself DUI/DMV Representation: Top Three Mistakes People Make

#4: Should You Lie or Not Talk to the Police?

#3: Lawyers and Private Investigators: A Symbiotic Relationship

#2: Sartorial Tips from a Lawyer: What to Wear to Court

#1: Don’t Be a Cop Magnet: Top 10 Reasons Police Pull Over Vehicles


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