St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, which means a lot of green beer will be consumed. It St Pats Day Little Touch of Green handcuffsalso means law enforcement will be out in force, looking for drunk drivers and managing DUI checkpoints.

DUIs Can Be Expensive

The expenses can pile up if you get arrested for a DUI, especially if you cause an accident. I’m not talking about attorney’s fees, I’m talking about everything from the ticket to the detox stay to the spike in car insurance.

Average Cost of a DUI in Colorado

Several years ago there was an article in Westword about the average cost of a DUI in Colorado, from the jail fee to the victim assistance fund to the detox center. Below is the infographic they created to show the breakdown of those costs — at the bottom is the total cost which is over $10,000 dollars (and these estimates are already outdated!):

Average cost of CO DUI 2012

Tips to Avoid a DUI

Here’s a few suggestions for having a safe, good time on St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Go to Nearby Places. If possible, pick party spots that are within walking distance or a short drive away.
  • Designate a Driver. You’ve probably heard this advice dozens of times, but it’s a simple, smart way to not only avoid going to jail but even saving others’ lives.
  • Call a Cab or Driving Service. Store these numbers in your phone ahead of time — better yet, put them on speed-dial. Paying for a safe ride home is a lot cheaper than being arrested for a DUI.

Tips to Stop Others from Driving Drunk

Here’s a few more suggestions for helping friends and others not drive drunk:

  • Approach the conversation in a non-confrontational way. Keep in mind that an intoxicated person’s perceptions are impaired, so speak slowly, keep it light, and explain more carefully.
  • Ask a friend or two to help. It’s more difficult for a drunk person to say no to several people. Make sure everyone is in sync with being supportive and not aggressive.
  • Gently take the person’s car keys. A key here is to distract the person so you can more easily take away the keys. Again, keep it light, avoid a confrontation, take extra care to not humiliate the person.
  • Emphasize that you care for the person’s safety. You can do this in a number of ways: invite the person to sleep over if you’re at your place, drive the person home if you are sober, or pay the person’s cab fare.

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