Got a teen who’s excited to become a driver? Here are a few handy resources for helping your son or daughter prepare to get behind the wheel.

Driving IQ Test

Photo courtesy CDC/Amanda Mills

Drivers Under 20 Have More Distracted-Driving Fatal Accidents. Photo: CDC/Amanda Mills

AAA has an online quiz for teens (and their parents, too) to test their knowledge of the rules of the road: Driver Knowledge Quiz

Sample Driving Test

More from AAA — a quiz for teens to see if they’re ready to take the driver’s permit test: Think you’re ready to take your driving test?

Three Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers

These are good for adults, too!

Power Off Your Smartphone. Did you know studies have equated driving while talking on your phone to driving drunk? Plus many states have laws that prohibit driving while talking on your phone–laws that are often tougher on teen drivers. Check out your state’s laws: Cell Phone and Texting Laws

No Texting. If you’ve left your phone on, then at least don’t text. And that includes texting while stopped at a light — most state laws prohibit the driver of a vehicle even holding a phone, whether the vehicle is moving or not. Check out the laws in the above link.

Eliminate Distractions. “Distracted Driving” is any activity that diverts the driver’s attention from the primary activity of driving. A driver can get easily distracted by eating food in a car, combing hair/applying makeup, talking to passengers, adjusting a radio…you get the idea.

For more information on teens and driving, check out Teen Driving Laws.

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