As many readers of this blog know, I co-owned a private investigations agency with my better half for over a decade. We specialized in legal investigations and worked hundreds of cases during that time. I brought to the agency my 18 years experience as a criminal lawyer, during which I had trained at least a dozen legal investigators, so I knew what attorneys needed when they retained a PI’s services for pre-litigation.

Being a PI Led to Teaching Workshops

Me and thriller writer Robert Crais. He's the good-looking guy.

Me and NYT bestselling thriller writer Robert Crais.

During those years, mystery and suspense writers contacted us with questions about crafting a plausible private eye character. That led to our teaching workshops at writers’ conferences, such as Left Coast Crime, the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Mystery Writers of America and Kiss of Death (the suspense chapter of the Romance Writers of America).

At one of those conferences, my wife and I spent a fun, entertaining dinner with one of our favorite thriller writers, Robert Crais, who created two of our favorite PI characters: Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.

PIs Investing Crime Scenes

As PIs working on behalf of defense attorneys, my wife and I investigated a number of crime scenes after law enforcement had finished their investigations and re-opened the scenes to their everyday use. Multiple times we found evidence weeks, even months, after the crime that cracked a case.

Whether you’re an attorney, professional PI or a writer developing a private eye character, the following course material offers a lot of handy info, from crime scene investigation basics to how a private investigator might mine a former crime scene for evidence:

Private Investigators and Crime Scene Investigations, Part I

Private Investigators and Crime Scene Investigations, Part II

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