It’s possible to be convicted of driving under the influence from over-the-counter drugs

The short, quick answer to this question is yes. You can be convicted of DUI/D (or DUI drugs) if your driving skills are affected by a drug.

The Law Defines Drugs Very Broadly

What kind of drugs can get you arrested, charged and convicted of DUI/drugs? In the law, we define drugs very broadly, and it typically includes any substance that can affect a person’s motor, mental, perceptual or physical capacities and impairs their driving. In fact, it is possible to be convicted of driving under the influence of drugs where the drug is an over-the-counter variety, such as cold medicine or even caffeine pills, if their consumption results in impairment.

A Medical Marijuana License Doesn’t Make It Okay to Drive While High

Just because you have a “medical license” does not mean that you can drive while high. For the record, medical marijuana is dispensed on a recommendation, not a prescription, so it has even less respectability than prescribed medicine with police and courts.

How Do You Know If You’re All Right to Drive?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • “Do I feel any differently after taking the drug?”
  • “Am I sleepy? Dizzy?”
  • “Is there a label on the bottle that says ‘Do not operate heavy machinery after taking this medicine?'”

If any of your answers questions are yes, then do not drive after taking your medicine. If you do drive, and you are pulled over, an officer can ask you for a chemical test. If you refuse that test, and the officer had a good reason to pull you over (actually, any reason to pull you over) then you could lose your license for up to a year.

There is no defense or excuse in Colorado law for taking prescribed medicine and driving. Don’t fall prey to your assumptions or expectations about these laws.

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