What Not to Do

  • Do not have empty bottles in the car. That may give the officers cause to pull you out and look closely at you for DUI, or possession of an open liquor container.
  • Do not instantly turn into a lawyer, complaining about violations of your rights, or even the rights of others. Legal arguments are for courtrooms, not roadsides.

    Be cooperative, whether you’re the driver or a passenger

  • Do not move your hands quickly within the car. where they cannot be readily seen. Officers get tense like everyone else, and you don’t want to end up on the ground, with a boot on your neck, or worse, because you dropped your iPod.
  • Don’t pull a “Reese Witherspoon.” Passengers can be cited for obstruction or interference with a law officer. Put a stopper on your constitutional arguments and other observations about the quality of the officers, the DUI checkpoint, etc.
  • Don’t be too chatty, or remind the officer that you are neighbors with: A judge, another police officer or a city councilman. It is a crime to unduly try to influence a public servant with benefits like job promotions.

A Few Things To Do

  • Use state patrol and local police websites to figure out where DUI checkpoints have been, and will be.
  • Easiest way to avoid a DUI checkpoint? Stay at home, drink all you want, and avoid the urge to leave until the next day.
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