What You Want

You want your life back. You want to banish fear and uncertainty.

Shaun Kaufman Law Will Help

The goal of most law firms is to settle your case because it’s easier for them to take the first deal offered rather than pursue your rights and interests in a courtroom. At Shaun Kaufman Law, we look in-depth at your case and your needs before we strategize the best approach for you. We always gauge what a jury would do before advising a deal or settlement.

Cases Welcomed at Shaun Kaufman Law

  • Shaun Kaufman has years of experience and success:
  • Defending those being investigated or charged with a crime
  • Conducting business litigation
  • Advancing personal injury cases involving significant harm
  • Writing and arguing appeals.

Team Approach

Shaun Kaufman knows that he can best help his clients by using a team that includes investigators, psychologists, pathologists, forensic experts, paralegals and addiction counselors. Combining their services with his courtroom skills increases favorable results in verdicts and settlements.

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