Looking for the best lawyer in the shark tank? Looking for a lawyer who will give the best advice and who will tell your side of the story? Look for a good listener, one who is easy to talk with, and one who answers your questions directly using common sense and legal thinking.  You don’t need a big bad wolf lawyer who talks about himself, who doesn’t listen to you, who wears a $1200 suit, who promises impossible outcomes, and who cares more about your credit card than the outcome of your case.

Nearly three decades of courtroom and trial experience has taught me that winning a case has a lot to do with client communication. In your first meeting with a potential lawyer ask yourself if you are with someone who is:

  • Actually listening to you
  • Going to spend time with you and answer your questions
  • Able to talk about difficult subjects with you
  • Not going to judge you.

Criminal and civil lawsuits are sometimes unpleasant, often filled with uncertainty, and you need a good listener who gives straight advice. We pride ourselves on not judging, on active listening, on keeping you updated and on answering questions. At Shaun Kaufman Law, the client is the most important person in the courtroom and we send the big bad wolf and his $1200 suit down the hall.

Contact Shaun Kaufman Law any day of the week, 24 hours a day at 303-309-0430

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