Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to share an evening with your special one, but it can also go south quickly. Each year, more than a few participants in Valentines’ celebrations end up in police cruisers, and ultimately in lawyers’ offices, being charged with everything from DUI to domestic assault.

This article offers a few tips on how to keep Valentine’s Day from turning into a future court date:

  • Keep the evening simple, romantic and understated. Don’t let high expectations for Valentine’s Day create stress and resentment, which can produce anger and blame. Soak those ill feelings in alcohol and you have a recipe for potential domestic violence. (Here is a lawyer’s question for you: Can candy or roses be considered deadly weapons? Answer: yes. Anything that is capable of acting as a weapon to cause serious bodily injury can be considering in a court of law to be deadly weapon.) Instead, try planning a unique, easy-to-organize celebration, for example:
    • A picnic dinner in a botanical garden
    • Cooking dinner together using a recipe the two of you have always wanted to try
    • Planning something out of the norm like taking a ghost tour of a historical building!
  • Don’t let drunk driving ruin your special night with an arrest or accident. Because Valentine’s Day is known for excessive alcohol consumption and DUI charges, police departments regularly assign extra patrol officers on the streets. These officers don’t care about your love life. If you drink and drive, they’ll put you in handcuffs. Therefore, minimize the alcohol consumption or better yet, think about taking a cab, horse-drawn carriage or limo.
  • Sober people have fewer domestic violence incidences. Geri Redden, a family violence counselor, determined that “Alcohol is involved…in a large percentage of these [domestic violence] crimes and certainly in the most violence of incidences.” In short: don’t drink and argue!

Romance is wonderful, but face it: Spending Valentine’s night in jail is not the same as spending it spooning on the couch, watching Casablanca and drinking champagne. If you have been charged with a DUI, domestic violence or other crime, call Shaun Kaufman today at 303-720-7275.

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