The Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics are like Prosecutors and Criminal Defense Attorneys

Last night, watching the play the (underdog) , I thought that the aging, gutsy resourceful Boston team were a lot like criminal defense lawyers. On the flip side, the Miami Heat team reminded me of prosecutors.  I break out those comparisons below.

The Boston Celtics as Criminal Defense Lawyers

Last night, they were the visitor and the underdog. Similar to seasoned criminal defense lawyers who go from town to town in Colorado,  the Celtics were scrappy, and they had a number of fouls (and technical fouls) called against them. Sort of like sustained objections. Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett played passionately and with commitment — these same traits mark many of the best criminal defense lawyers. What has struck me about watching the Celtics play (for 45 years) was that while they may lose a game, they are constantly gathering new skills and they are patiently figuring how to win the next one. Again, traits similar to the best criminal defense lawyers who are willing to learn, incorporate and move on to the next trial or hearing.

The Miami Heat as Prosecutors

Last night, they were the younger, stronger, faster team to beat. They were playing at home, and the crowd (jury, judge) intially leaned their way. This isn’t unlike deputy district attorneys (DAs) who, at the start of a trial, are often viewed by judges and jurors as the local “good guys.”  Dwyane Wade and LeBron James reminded me of confident, if not cocky, deputy DAs as they moved around the basketball court with skill.

My Forecast for the Next Game

I can guarantee this much for the next game on Wednesday. The shortcomings that you saw the Celtics display last night will be corrected. Like a criminal defense law firm strategizing for the next day at trial, the Celtics will gather their team, discuss changes and move forward with certainty and with greater precision. Plus, they will double their commitment to their game (or client, in the legal sense) and relentlessly pursue victory. After all, you gotta love the underdog. Especially if you have been defense counsel.

Next game, Celtics by 2.

Shaun is a seasoned Colorado criminal defense lawyer who’s scrappy and passionately committed to his clients.

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