“A great player who makes a team great is much more valuable than a great player.” -John Wooden

In last night’s - game, the Heat players — especially and – were so organized, driven and prepared that they reminded me of well-organized plaintiff Personal Injury lawyers in trial.  In both arenas, the best will always make the whole team better. Follow along as I explain.

The Key Goal: Making the Team Great

The Heat as a team, and LeBron James and Dwayne Wade in particular, played with this key goal in mind: To empower the supporting team players to greatness.  To quote the great : “A great player who makes a team great is much more valuable than a great player.”

This was done by highlighting the supporting players’ skills, passing the ball to them, or setting up positions on the court. By drawing the attention away from James and Wade and getting the other players involved in the game, the defense could not attend only to the two stars. Therefore, fewer players covered the stars, James and Wade, whose play has suffered from double-team defensive schemes.

Personal Injury Lawyers’ Teams

Shaun Law Prides Itself on Its Experienced Litigation Teams

This is what a good does in trial, too. The lawyer creates a team approach to telling the plaintiff’s story while diverting unnecessary attention from the lawyer him/herself. The plaintiff’s personal injury lawyers use doctors and other experts (the team members) to tell certain parts of the injured plaintiff’s story, such as how the client got injured, and how badly they were hurt, and how much they have suffered in the way of losses. Similarly, James and Wade passed the ball to other players, like , and let them handle the ball. When Chalmers and other Heat players did their work, they became part of the effort, getting open shots and drawing attention away from James and Wade. In either a trial or in good basketball, success depends on the group working to achieve a goal.

Jurors Trust the Efforts of a Team

You might wonder why a great lawyer doesn’t just tell the story himself. Again, let’s look at last night’s winning team: James and Wade weren’t great only because of their efforts, but by making it possible for other Heat players to participate in the winning effort. Likewise, great plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyers are team builders, and they distribute responsibility to other members of the team. Jurors trust the efforts of a group more than a few soloists.

Back to the Playoffs…

I guarantee a Celtics victory when they return home for the next game. Celtics by three or more.

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