Hypothetical situation: You’ve been ticketed for (DUI), and the (DMV) has scheduled a hearing to take action toward suspending your driver’s license.  A pal says there’s no need for you to hire a lawyer because it’s easy to “beat” these cases at the DMV hearing.

Why Hire a DUI Lawyer?

I’ll give you one good reason why: A DMV hearing is like a practice trial.  A lawyer understands this arena and knows how to attack, present and save your license.  Also, the laws concerning driver license revocation are more complicated than many other DUI laws.  It’s not a simple procedure to “beat.”

Three Top Mistakes People Make When Representing Themselves

Below are the three top mistakes people make when they decide to represent themselves at a DMV hearing:

  • Forgetting to request the officer’s presence at the hearing. Having the officer at a DMV hearing provides a preview of what he/she will say in court and how believable they are when they testify. On the rare occasion that an officer does not show up, you might win the hearing or delay any revocation, but why take that chance?  It’s smart to have a lawyer, such as Shaun Kaufman, to help should the hearing be rescheduled.  Also, a lawyer can make an intelligent, experienced assessment of what the arresting officer is going to be like on the stand at the courthouse.
  • Failing to order police reports. Many people who defend their own DUI case forget to order a copy of the police reports at the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. Obtaining a copy of the “DMV report packet” offers quicker access to the police reports than by going through the district attorney’s (DA’s) office.  Shaun Kaufman Law understands the channels for efficiently and effectively obtaining such reports.
  • Botching blood or breath re-testing. If your DMV action is for “excessive alcohol content” and you act quickly before the hearing date, you can have the police agency send your “second sample” to an independent laboratory for retesting. Shaun Kaufman Law, P.C. has worked extensively with police agencies and Colorado private labs and knows how to obtain and use certified results to challenge the accuracy of other chemical test results.

Our bottom line advice to you: You don’t fix your own broken leg, and you don’t fix your own driver’s license when it is facing big trouble.

Shaun Kaufman Law, P.C. offers legal counsel and license defense before Drivers License Hearing Officers and all other aspects of DUI law.

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