With , I thought I would pass information along about the best way to make a claim on your homeowners insurance.

Reasons Why Claims Are Denied

Before I go much further, remember that after reporting a large claim, it is best to work through a public adjuster (someone licensed to process homeowners’ claims for homeowners) or an attorney. Homeowners’ insurance companies would not be in business if they paid everyone each dime that they claimed. For example, sometimes homeowners’ insurance companies will blame the loss on a cause that is not covered under homeowner policies. Or if your home is under construction or has been used for business, wildfires might not covered. Also, if a tractor digs dirt out from around your home while fighting a fire, coverage is questionable. These are a few reasons why you need to speak to an attorney or public adjuster when making a homeowner’s claim.

Tips for Making a Claim

Here is what you should do when making a homeowner’s claim:

Take photos and video of the damage

  • Make it quickly after the occurrence
  • Document the damage thoroughly on your own (photographs, video, written notes)
  • Patch up the home so that there isn’t further damage (for example, boards over broken windows)
  • Find out who is accountable at the insurance company claims office and speak with them — make them accountable.

Doing these things can make your claim process so much easier, and may prevent wrongful denial. If you have had a wrongful denial of insurance coverage, contact a lawyer who is accustomed to taking these matters to court.

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