Confused how to retain a criminal lawyer? There are ways to negotiate and reduce your fees.

How Criminal Lawyers Set Their Fees

A good criminal lawyer sets his/her fees for a case with several things in mind, some of which are:

  • How many witnesses and charges are against you (the more of each, the higher the fee)
  • Your criminal record (the worse the record, the longer the potential sentence, and the higher the fee)
  • Whether or not the case is going to trial (trials require several times the hours that a plea bargain does).

Why Some People End Up Compromising

Many people end up compromising what they want out of their Colorado criminal law defense. They choose to, or are forced to, take a plea bargain because they cannot afford a trial. They choose to settle for a worse deal (for them) early on in the case so that they can afford to have a lawyer with them at sentencing, in part because they have a lousy criminal history from years past.

What Can You Do?

There are ways to negotiate a payment plan with your lawyer

Below are several options for negotiating a payment plan:

  • Negotiate a payment plan with your lawyer that is secured by a car title, a house deed, or even a personal injury settlement.
  • Enlist family members or employers to assist with making payments.
  • Make several large credit card or cash payments early in the case so that you can later make payments should the case go to trial (which sometimes takes months).
  • Reasonably adjust your expectations downward so that your lawyer can get the best deal possible early on for you (this does not mean you sell out to the first thing thrown on the table, but it does mean be reasonable).

When a Lawyer Requests You To Seek Counseling/Treatment

If you hire a lawyer and they tell you to see a doctor, or to seek counselling or treatment for an addiction or behavioral health problem, then run, don’t walk to that treatment. If you delay, that costs you money and it hurts you in court.

Keep in Mind…

When negotiating your Colorado criminal lawyer fees:

  • Talk to the lawyer honestly, and don’t get into a payment plan that you cannot keep
  • Negotiate your fees, and tailor them to what you want out of the case
  • Participate in your defense, and do what the lawyer says, so that you can keep your costs down while getting the best defense possible.

Colorado criminal defense law firm Shaun Kaufman Law, P.C. has several payment options for Colorado criminal defense cases. We do not compromise the quality of criminal defense services, while at the same time we strive to make our services affordable. To contact Shaun Kaufman Law, P.C., fill out the contact form on the right side of this screen or call 303-309-0430.

Shaun Kaufman: Compassionate Lawyer, Tough Litigator

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