It’s Time To Select a Criminal Lawyer

You have spoken to several criminal defense lawyers, and you have checked out their reputation among others in your community, asked for recommendations from respected community members and gotten suggestions from your friends. You are down to two or maybe three lawyers’ names. So how do you decide who to go with?

Tips for Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney

When making a decision who to hire, here are some final criteria to consider:

  • Make sure that you are impressed with, and can speak easily with, the lawyer’s staff (you will be surprised how much you will be working with them).
  • Look to see how busy the lawyer is. Does the lawyer make comments about needing to reschedule your case or

    Make sure you’re comfortable communicating with the law firm staff

    other cases all the time? Is the lawyer always checking his calendar and speaking with staff about continuing this or that? Does the lawyer want you to make your next appearance alone or with an associate or subsitute lawyer? You do not want to get stuck with “fill-ins” who cannot manage your case professionally or who waste your court-appearance time because the lawyer you chose has a conflict with a case somewhere else.

  • Big firm or solo practitioner? The problem with a multi-lawyer Colorado criminal defense law firm is that you never know who is going to show up to represent you at an important hearing. I am biased: you want the lawyer who wrote the motion to suppress, and the lawyer who read all the police reports, to be the attorney who shows up to fight for your suppression. A big firm lawyer might or might not be there as a result of pressure from other, higher-paying cases.

Colorado criminal defense attorney Shaun Kaufman believes in hand-crafted criminal defense work in metro Denver criminal defense cases. At Shaun Kaufman Law, we believe in one lawyer for one client, and we know that you will get exactly who and what you paid for: compassionate, quality defense lawyering.

Shaun Kaufman: Compassionate Lawyer, Tough Litigator

Contact Colorado defense attorney Shaun Kaufman by filling out the contact form on the right of this screen, or by calling 303-309-0430.  Don’t worry about calling too late or on weekends or even on holidays: Shaun Kaufman Law responds to all inquiries 24/7, 365 days a year.

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