Shopping malls have a duty to take care so that you are not injured while shopping. After all, they are in charge of a large area where a lot of people go to walk around and spend money. In turn, the mall owners make money from each retailer paying them rent (and sometimes a cut of the profits from each store).

Therefore, it makes sense that they are responsible for providing an environment free from hazards. What kind of hazards? The mall should be safe from a number of things, such as:

            • flooring defects
            • unsafe parking lot conditions
            • malfunctioning restroom equipment.
The mall also has the duty to warn of hazards (for example, signs that warn people to not swim in the fountain in the center of the mall).

So, does a mall have a duty to protect you from criminal activities? Yes. The mall has the duty to protect you from the

Shopping malls have a duty to protect you from known criminal activities

kind of crimes that have happened before, and might happen again. Again, as an example, if the mall is aware that purse snatching has been a problem in the parking lot, then it must take reasonable steps to provide security in the lot. On the other hand, the law never asks mall owners to prevent against weird, unpredictable crimes (let’s say someone wiring a deadly bomb onto an enemy’s car ignition).

The law is that if a property owner is going to invite someone onto their property, then they must provide a safe place for that commercial endeavor. Far too many times, property owners cut corners on flooring and parking lot conditions, and the like, and then patrons are injured. At Denver criminal defense law firm Shaun Kaufman Law, we stand up for our clients and demand that property owners take their duty seriously to create and maintain a safe business place. If you have been injured at a mall, feel free to call us because we are experienced in mall injury cases.

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