You can be certain that if you are pulled over for a DUI, you will be given a test called the  or HGN. This test is performed on your eyes to assess when certain eye movements begin as the eye is moved to an extreme position. This test is riddled with problems.

HGN Does Not Always Work

The admits that the test does not work correctly 23 percent of the time. Would you want to rely on a test at your doctor’s office that “sort of” worked?

Why the Test Is Unreliable

This medical test (HGN) is almost always administered next to the highway, in the dark, with lights flashing around the test subject and cars whizzing by, usually in two directions. To make matters worse, the test is administered by a police officer. Think about this. How many tickets does your physician write each year? How many robberies does he or she investigate? These are some of the reasons why the test is unreliable.

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