Most people, especially heavy drinkers, often do not realize their blood alcohol level after drinking.  At least once a month I consult with a potential client who tells me, “I didn’t think my blood alcohol level was that high!  I felt like I was driving perfectly!”

Courts Only Recognize a Numerical Value

Courts do not recognize people’s perceptions of how well they believe they were driving.  What the courts do recognize is the numerical value assigned to the chemical test of your breath or blood.  However, you can easily calculate your blood alcohol content (BAC) through the below calculator.  Be aware this calculator is a yardstick only, and I do not warrant its accuracy within a few decimal points.  Rather, by providing it to you, you can estimate your BAC based on such factors as your gender, weight, age, type of drinks and number of drinks.  I’ve also include a link to a handy iPhone BAC calculator below the online one.

Happy New Year and safe driving!

BAC Calculator

DISCLAIMER: This should not be used to determine whether or not you should drive. This is only an average and cannot be accurate in all cases.

There’s also a BAC calculator app for $1.99 you can download to your iPhone: 

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