Gmail is more than an email program

I’ve been a Gmail user for years, but I use it for much more than just sending and receiving emails. It’s also handy in my day-to-day law practice for such things as creating task lists and setting reminders via Gmail’s Calendar program.

Below are 5 handy Gmail tips for lawyers and anybody interested in its productivity features.

Create a Task List

I get a slew of emails in my Gmail program every day — when a message is a task I need to remember, I add it to a task list within the Gmail program. Here’s how:

  1. In the top left of your Gmail screen is a box labelled Gmail. Click the down arrow. A drop-down menu displays. Select Tasks.
  2. Click in the Tasks window that displays at the bottom right of your Gmail screen, and enter a task. 
  3. In the bottom left of the Tasks window is an Actions arrow — click this to see other actions you can do in with your Task entries, from creating sub-tasks to emailing your Task list.

Add an Email to Your Task List

When an email message is a task I need to remember, I add it to a task list within the Gmail program by doing the following:

  1. Click in the far left box of the email (a checkmark will appear in the box).
  2. In the More box at the top of the Gmail email list, click the down arrow.  Select Add to Tasks.

The subject line of the email now displays in the task list. Below entry is a Related email link — click on this to review the email.

Set Tasks from Google Calendar

I rely on my Google Calendar program as much as I rely on Gmail. It’s a useful way to get a quick view of my schedule, set reminders to be sent to me via email for events on certain date, and much more. One feature I like is the ability to add tasks from Calendar to my Tasks list.

  1. In Calendar month view, click on a date-space (a small window displays).
  2. Select Task in the top left corner of the small window.
  3. Type the task into the task field (where the blinking cursor displays). Click the Create Task button in the bottom left of the small window.

Get Rid of Unwanted Gmail Threads

Gmail has a handy feature called Mute for eliminating unwanted, irrelevant threads of emails – like that never-ended holiday joke that everybody and their second cousin keeps adding to.

  1. Click the box to the left of the email.
  2. In the More box at the top of the Gmail page, click the down-arrow and select Mute.

Schedule Emails to Send Later

Sometimes I like to schedule when to send emails — for that, I use a reasonably priced app called .

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