Rather than worry about what might show up on your background check, learn about them!

People are often nervous when a potential employer, or even a current boss, conducts a background check on them. One way to combat being apprehensive is to learn what kind of information will likely be on your background report.

Information Employers Cannot Access Without Your Consent

For starters, an employer cannot access medical and military service records without your consent. They might, however, ask your permission to research these records. Also, a background check might verify that you attended a certain high school, college or other accredited educational institution, as well as the dates of your attendance, but digging deeper into your school records also requires your consent upfront.

Five Articles on Job-Applicant Background Reports

Below are five articles on employee background checks. If you still have concerns about what might appear on an upcoming report, you can always purchase one on yourself by a qualified P.I. who specializes in background checks (contact your for recommendations).


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