ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — on their official website, they still go by the abbreviation ATF) special agent Jay Dobyns worked undercover in the Hell’s Angels gang.  After finishing this undercover job, he and his family received death threats, among other horrific threats, and eventually his Arizona home was burned to the ground while Dobyns was out of town. Fortunately, his wife and children, who were sleeping inside the home, survived.

ATF Field Office Refused to Investigate Fire

Afterward, the ATF agent in charge of Dobyns’s field division did not send any agents to investigate the fire, instead calling the incident a “minor scorching.” Later, ATF supervisors, in conjunction with the Department of Justice, accused Dobyns of starting the fire.  He filed a lawsuit against the government for failing to address serious threats and retaliation against him.

On February 20, 2014, Dobyns wrote about his experience on his Facebook page:

I have been accused of being selfish, a narcissist and an shameful self promoter. With some honest self reflection those criticisms maybe, and probably are true. But I assure you, nothing that has come from this suit I am proud of. It has been degrading and humiliating and embarrassing…

To read more on his Facebook page, click .

“The Agency Has Lost Its Way,” Claims ATF Agent

Another ATF agent, Vincent Ceflau is also suing the government, and believes his and Dobyn’s’ cases are connected. “The agency has lost its way,” says Ceflau, “and has been unable to accept responsibility and unable to right the track.”

Closing arguments in Dobyn’s case were in late February. Judge Allegra has said he will have a decision as soon as possible, which given the complexity of the case will take several months at least.

Dobyn has a quote on his Facebook page: Never Push a Loyal Person to the Point Where They Don’t Give a Damn. Not sure why he posted that quote as he was pushed, hard, and yet he still gives a damn.


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