“Prepare each case as though it is going to trial; never try a case unprepared. Great deals for clients only come after meaningful work in the law library or shrewd investigation on the street.” -Shaun Kaufman

Shaun Kaufman Is a Tough Litigator

Shaun is a Colorado defense lawyer, and he is proud that he has never been a prosecutor. He has developed defense systems and has sharpened his instincts after decades in courthouses. He has tried cases ranging from jaywalking to first-degree murder.

Shaun Kaufman Is a Compassionate Lawyer

He knows that criminal convictions have severe penalties and he will represent you if you are charged with:

  • Domestic violence: People convicted of domestic violence suffer a loss of the right to bear arms, and many times, loss of rights in child custody and divorce cases. Shaun works hard to derail false allegations.
  • DUI/alcohol/drugs: Loss of drivers’ license and severe mandatory jail sentences demand strong, unbending representation. Shaun Kaufman has handled more than 1500 DUI cases in his career, and has won many trials, and kept other clients out of jail.
  • Assault: Many assaultive crimes result in mandatory prison sentences, and conviction will often bar your return to your workplace after the case. Shaun has helped many clients turn bad situations into not guilty verdicts.
  • Sex offenses: Conviction for a sex offense will not only land you in prison for an indefinite period up to life, but you will also be marked as a sex convict in your community. Shaun has numerous not guilty verdicts to back his claims, and he has also“done remarkable work” at sentencing for other clients.
  • Marijuana cultivation and sale: Medical marijuana laws did not end prosecutions for unlicensed growers and distributors. In addition to prison, conviction may well cause you from working in the legitimate MMJ business. Shaun has experience in getting many searches suppressed and has won several “grow-op” trials.
  • Drug possession and distribution: All too often addicts are prosecuted for sale and possession of drugs because they don’t fit the “criteria” for being handled in drug courts. Shaun Kaufman knows that addicts need a chance at treatment, not prison, and he is always ready to stand and fight in motions hearings and in trials if the client is not acceptable in a drug court for treatment.
  • Addiction and mental health: Shaun has extensive experience working with addicts and the mentally ill. He is a regular volunteer at CeDAR, a Denver drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital. If you suffer from either or both conditions, you can only be helped by someone who understands the disease of addiction or the trouble caused by mental health afflictions.
  • Grand Jury representation: Shaun has represented many clients before the Grand Jury, and has appeared with, and helped clear, a murder suspect before a Grand Jury in Colorado Springs.
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